The prison


The prison

Actually: Security Personel Penitentiary

The building is directly connected with the main Security Personel post in the slums. It is constructed around one of the most important construction pillars – one of the walls is a security station, along with SP barracks, storerooms, armory, etc. Three other walls contain the prisoners’ cells. The prison cells are actually steel containers 2 meters wide, 2,5 meters long and 2,5 meters high, and are set in rows one row on top of another with concrete truss as framing. There is no direct way to reach the cells – to gain access to a prisoner an entire cell is brought down using a mechanical arm which places it in a designated safe zone of the facility. Each cell is outfitted with a recess serving as a bed, a pipe providing nutritional agent and a hole acting as a toilet. In the front wall, which is also the exit, are five air and lighting vents, 10 cm in diameter each.

The prison is also subdivided into blocks – each placed on a different wall of the pillar. The blocks differ in security level.

  • Block blue – the lowest security block. Prisoners are allowed to keep personal possesions and clothes. The cells have additional source of light and bedclothes.
  • Block green – medium level security. Cells with bed linen and a source of light.
  • Block black – maximum security – reserved for worst criminals. The entrance to their cells are welded shut.

The entire complex is surrounded by a wall with guard towers, placed at the top and equipped with searchlights.

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