The Orphanage


The Orphanage

A refuge for children run by the Rising Sun Consortium in the slums. Initally, it was supposed to be a place where members of the Consortium would prepare children for a future life in modern society. The Consortium believes, that showing the young a way to live without violence will create a new, better world. The truth is, somewhat different – since members of the Consortium doesn’t use any physical violence, most of the pupils sooner or later start to cause problems and run away to taste life on their own. Few of them stays in the orphanage, so it is usually inhabited by the youngest children and a small group of juveniles. The activity of the place is based on charity which effectively lowers the level of childcare provision. Despite that, the education level provided is very high – majority of children is better educated than their peers in the slums or even in high city.

The building of the orphanage is an adapted, old scaffolding left from times when the pump station was build. Above the “street” level, the Consortium created an asylum for poor children and orphans. The construction is rather chaotic, but one can distinguish a several internal “courtyards” serving as classrooms, a lunchroom and a playground. Most of the space is open (except necessities, like baths, latrines, etc.). Children and teachers sleep in hammocks stretched between bars of the scaffolding. The whole area of the Orphanage is enclosed within walls of a steel fencing. The entrance is made of the remains of an old transporter used as a kind of an airlock where anyone willing to enter must leave all weapons (the caretaker of the place watches guests using a camera and – in case of any doubt – just keeps the door closed).

On the ground floor there is a small marketplace, where many minor vendors sells mostly more or less questionable food. It is crowded, dirty and loud place.

The whole complex is located in the worst part of the slums, close to the pumping station cooling pipes outflow.

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