The Mafia


The Mafia

A criminal organization controlling almost every illegal business in the city. The present and undisputed boss of this organization is Giuseppe Arnolio – during his regime, the mafia gained important influences both within the Security Personel and local authorities. It is hard to unequivocally say how far does the power of mafia reach, although there are some, who believe that not a single decision is made in slums, or in the high city without the godfather’s blessing.

People who belong to the mafia are used to calling themselves a family, and it is reflected in the way they are organized. The leader is called a Don or a Father – at the time Guiseppe Arnolio. His right hand and the second man after the God is Scottocapo, also called the Son – and after him there are several Capoes, commanding the Soldati.

The Don is leading his group in an authoritarian way, and his word instantly becomes a law. In the mafia, there are people who are really kin, but that always gives way before the hierarchy of the organization.

In the slums, the mafia are de facto controlling the whole situation – they give permissions for shops to prosper and take profits from drugs, prostitution, rackets and smuggling. Despite the fact that they are dominating, the high-ranked mafia bosses prefer to stay in the shadow, allowing their man to do the actual job. The Security Personnel, or at least the majority of it, is really in service for the mafia.

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