The Flowershop


The Flowershop

„We have everything you don’t even dream of.”

One of the few places in the Slums where you can breath in the air of the world above – it is here, where people from the better world fulfill their various fancies. The establishment, sometimes called the Ambassy of Pleasure, run by a mafia woman: Scarlett, is a home for females and males called the Flowers. Calling the place just a brothel, would be a huge misundertanding. The Flowershop provides services of sexual, and related nature, and the Flowers are educated not only as prostitutes, but also as artists and companions.

The range of what a client may experience inside the Flowershop walls depends only on capacity of his wallet and his ability to keep good manners. Use of the Flowershop services is mainly made by men of Mafia, and SP officers. It happens also for the more prominent inhabitants of the Slums and members of the Alliance to drop by. But the main source of the Flowershop’s income, and it’s very reason for existence, are guests from the Upper City, paying immense amounts for the means of fulfilling their fantasies.

The Flowers usually live and are brought up in the Flowershop from their childhood. Every one of them follows a training in the field of various sexual services. Scarlett also cares about each of them receiving an education equal to that of people from the Upper City. She also does her best to develop their individual talents.

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