The Consortium of the Rising Sun (CRS)


The Consortium of the Rising Sun (CRS)

“Violence is not the solution. we cannot allow even to consider using it”; “The time is critical to take another step in our development”
– exemptions from sermons of Demin, the Keeper of the Beam.

The founding of the organization which combines the attributes of scientific institute, trade fraction and a religious sect dissapears in the chaos of Dispersion Times. Despite its age, the Consortium never took a significant place in politics. Perhaps it is because of the radically pacifist philosophy the organization adheres to, claiming that man have reached the end of natural evolution, and the next step is concious self-development of human kind. That philosophy rejects physical violence as unnecessary post-evolution remaining, the higher beings are unworthy of. The members of the fraction encourage the development of individuals in order for the development of the entire society. According to them, the humanity will only be formed by voluntary cooperation of individuals.

Despite of being open and taking a lot of public initiatives, the Consortium is somewhat inpenetrable organism. New members are required to leave their proper life behind and commit entirely.

The consortium do not posess any military forces, and their ships are not armed. Which in the past led to many defeats when attacked by hostile forces. The fact is though, that thanks to many long-term investments, this organization is a significant, yet not very active economical force, and their complex network of dependecies grants safety for the members, wherever they go.

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