Security Personnel (SP)


Security Personnel (SP)

Security Personnel (SP) is a uniformed governmental organization which is responsible for safety within the city walls. Its scope of activities includes all actions connected to prevention, detection and punishment of crimes. SP has all rights and means to conduct surveillance of city dwellers, with particular emphasis on communities living in the poverty districts. SP has a post in almost every district and a large guard-house in every section. The posts and guard-houses are well armed and secured places essentially unavailable for people not belonging to the organization.

Internal structure of the organization is hierarchical. The members have the following ranks:

  • Watchman
  • Watchman major
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant major
  • Commander of the post
  • Commander of the guard 2nd class
  • Commander of the guard 1st class
  • Commander of the department
  • Inspector
  • District commander and Special Unit Commanders
  • Head Commander

Usually one can encounter patrols consisting of two or three watchmen, one of whom would be issued a mobile scanner for scanning ID implants.

An important piece of equipment used by SP are Criminals Tracking Automatic Systems (CTAS), called also Cobblers. These small autonomous robots, hovering around the city are a real nuisance for those who try to hide from the watchmen.

In the slums it is a common knowledge that almost all local members of the SP are on the Mafia’s payroll, from the common watchmen, up to those in command in the district. As a result any serious law enforcement there is fiction – the only law that holds true is the law of the stronger.

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