Mindwash Co Steel Panther


Mindwash Co Steel Panther

This model of a bioelectrical implant was design by the leader company on the market; Mindwash Co. It works by means of complex stimulation of hormonal glands and temporary increase in working speed of reflex arcs and somatic nervous system. In practice, you become physically fitter and more resistant to injury. The module work is based on the injections of fast decaying stimulants and electrical control of the glands. The use of this implant is possible once a day, due to the build-in limiter. More frequent use could cause overload of the host organism and permanent injury.
after use, for two minutes (real time), the character gains a +2 bonus from the stimulation to dexterity and physique. Moreover, it gives 30% facilitation in the resistance to pain tests. It can be used onced a day (in game time).
Implant outlet:
lower body

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