Mercy Maiden’s Order


Mercy Maiden’s Order

The Order was founded by Emperor Febrian who AT the same time wrote its rules and was the first leader. This is medical order which aims at assisting in the Empire. Over the years the order has expanded and strongly associated with military but reminded outside it. Currently on the independent planets, the order runs several asylum- centers. Beside the humanitarian aid it spreads the idea of the Empire.

The Order has a hierarchical structure. It is divided into Hospital – Houses. Each of the Houses is run by the Superior Mother subordinated to Archimandrite who is responsible for greater number of Hospital – Houses. The Archimandrite choose between them Protoarchimandrite who is suprime authority in the order.

One can recruit themselves from the ordinary citizens of the Empire as a member of the order. (Błąd popełniony celowo). Although there are mostly women one can find there also men who work mainly as techicans or doctors previously employed in the planetary hospitals.

Newly admitted -Initials – undergo intensive medical field training after which they are addmited to one of the Hospital- Houses, where they begin their ministry. Those among them who show the desire and obedience to the Emperor, are allowed to make vows. From that moment they become full time members of the Order. (nie wiem czy można napisać full time member). After the vows they also receive additional field medical training; including both first aid on the battlefield, as well as fighting skills. Additionally, they are able to operate military equipment.

Each member of the Order takes an oath and vow:

  • To obide the Emperor
  • Poverty – Monks and Maidens cannot have their own belongings
    because everything is the property of the order, as well as, they have to
    give up having a family.
  • Ferbian Vow: “ Even if I had to give up my life I would do my utmost to
    keep body and soul of the Empire clean”.

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