Grand Canale


Grand Canale

„Every neighbourhood has a place that draws madmen, murderers, geniuses and outcasts. Rules of the outside people doesn’t apply there. It is where you breathe differently, think differently and feel differently. You either die there, or feel at home.”

Grand Canale – once a substructure of a great technological construction – today a gigantic bazaar, where one can sell, buy or repair every kind of electronics. You can also taste here some cybernetic entertainment, that is unless you don’t get caught in a local gang war, raging constantly around the place. A gigantic wet sewer, filled with wires and people is one of the most interesting place in the Slums, although frequented by SP forces only in large, well armed groups.

But Grand Canale has also some bright sides. One can always find electricy here, as well as information and entertainment, and the lights never go dark. Many youngsters choose this place, opting for a rebellious life style. Life accompanied by sleepless cyberspace. Their colourful hairstyle and bodies bouncing to the rhytm of music, drugs circulating in their veins and petabytes of data overflowing their minds.

Many also ends their lives here, somewhere among the catwalks and passages of this frenetic place.

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