Background Story:

Anyone who has ever met Glazier can tell a great lot about who this charismatic captain of a small freighter is. The trouble starts when one tries to compare those stories – number of different versions of the story of his life would be enough to describe half the swashbucklers in this part of the Universe. Irrespectively of the teller all those stories ends about five years ago, when Glazier bought a ship, from his old friend and renamed her “Bison”.

It is also hard to find anyone who didn’t believe in sweet lies the captain spreads about himself at least once. Glazier, thanks to his sweettalk has some kind of connections almost everywhere, and there is nothing he couldn’t get arranged. Since he took command of the Bison, the ship carried every cargo, visited the most vile parts of the known galaxies, and he always came up on top.

To be honest, it is Glazier himself who keeps together an odd bunch of personalities forming the crew of the Bison – all its members would tell you any time of day that it is him who is the one keeping the whole damn bussiness afloat.

ca. 44 years

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