Imagine a reality in which mankind was subjected to a great Dispersion. Then people spread all over the universe started to rise after a great fall, creating new worlds. Those groups find each other after a long time and their different visions of humanity clash, causing eradication of entire nations. Try to understand the world in which a person have no importance, where it is a mere statistical number and the difference between human and machine has lost its importance long time ago.

This is your world - the place you have to live in.


See a city under a dome on a distant planet. A glass metropoly which proud spires rise high, beyond a pedestrians' view. Admire the technology which makes daily toil easier of every citizen. Have a look at clean streets and healthy, improved people. Feel on your skin the breath of the world in which you can buy all kind of luxuries paying with your hard earned money.

This is your dream - the one which you will never experience.


Now, take a look at the foundations of that luxury – concrete slums where no sunlight reaches and those dwelling within have abandoned all hope long ago. Accept the place where people die in pain and their own vomit. Visit dark alleys where children kill each other with their bare hands over the next fix of illicid drug. Talk to the mafia drug-dealer for whom you are just another junkie or a slut. Feel on your shoulder a hand of Security Personel officer, who watches for you not to scream too loud, while dying because of an omnipresent disease - poverty.

Take a close look.


This is your home – the place in which you have to survive.