Walking into the Slums for the first time it is near impossible not to notice the most colorful and extravagant gang in the hood. Their luminescent-died hair and electronically modified bodies makes Nehalemites hard to mistake for any other.

The Enlighted appears to be a loose subculture united by an idealistic philosophy of reaching enlightment by ensuring connection of human body with the machine. This is the reason for their inclination towards electronic modification of human body. The members use among themselves the name of Nehalemites, deriving the name from Nehalem – a man, who founded their gang a few decades before. He himself soon died during riots, but his memory remains, slowly evolving into a cult of a kind.

Despite their blatant conspiciousness it is hard to find anyone who could tell without a doubt what is their purpose and who in fact is in charge of them. Security Patrol consider them degenerates, but because of negligible harmfulness, and lack of any visible organisation they tolerate their activity as long as it is limited to the Slums area.
Mafia, while still treating them with a great dose of suspicion does not interfere with this potentially competing group, treating them rather as a market for substantial amounts of illicit chemicals.

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