Second largest human organization, right next to the United Worlds Alliance. Historians agree that the Empire’s existence starts a few years after the Dispertion.

Imperialists claim, that the First Emperor had laid the foundations for the new organisation even before the Dispertion occured, supposedly foreseeing the fall of the old world. Little is known about the first era of the Empire’s history. What is certain, is that the authorities of the new faction was located in the inhospitable star system of Trasus. Until this day the exact location of this system remains one of the closely guarded secrets.

After it’s founding, reported in uncomplete historical records, the Empire is lost from the charts and historical chronicles for many hundred years.

When the Empire again made contact with the remaining human colonies it was already a militarised organisation with a sturdy, and homogenious internal structure.

The first encounter of the Imperial forces by the United Worlds Alliance , known afterwards as the Rythar Incident, initiated a war between those two largest collectives of human-inhabited worlds, lasting for this very day.

The Empire’s reign stretches over more than two hundred star systems and the number grows constantly as a result of relentless military and political campaign targeted at incorporating all human worlds into the Empire.

Hierarchic social policy of the Empire takes its roots in a deep conviction about negative and destructive influence the democracy would have upon human civilisation.

The core Imperial dogma became a claim that it was the democratic social system which lead to the fall of humanity and the Dispersion. According to the leaders and thinkers of the Empire only a strong authority concentrated in the hands of leaders educated specifically for this purpose is the key to ensure survival of humanity in the universe. That is why the head of the empire is the Emperor endowed with near absolute power.

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