Some women seduce with subtlety and innocence, but not Drosera. She is a Flower for those who like to play with danger. Drosera’s boldness goes hand in hand with a sharp mind and repartee. She puts pushy clients in their place, proving them, that what they desire is to satisfy her wishes. Stronger than Drosera’s makeup and language are only the pleasures experienced by her clients. In contrast to other Flowers, Drosera seems to be having exceptional fun in the Flowershop, which might be the reason why some of the girls tend to avoid her.

Background story:

The provenience of this young Flower is a mystery. Some say that Drosera comes from the Upper City. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that one of her relatives might have been killed by the mob. Those with the most exuberant imagination claim that she is the daughter of one of the ruling party’s leading politicians.
When asked about her background, Drosera fobs the question off, saying that it does not matter, since she is exactly where she belongs.

ca. 19 years

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