Bernard Crick


Bernard Crick

Background story:

Born on a small, neutral planet not unfriendly to the Rising Sun Consortium. Biological parents remains unknown. From his youngest days he was tutored towards becoming a diplomat. Reaching the age of 20, as every disciple of the Consortium, he started his 3-year apprenticeship, as an assistant for representatives of the traveling faction, on their way with diplomatic and trade missions throughout the galaxy. While on apprenticeship his organizational capabilities became profound and also his concern in well being of the poor. On accomplishing his training he took up a career as Consortium’s diplomat, before in reward for his merits he was entrusted with a diplomatic post on one of the neutral planets. Thanks to his abilities he gained the favor of the city council and finally was allowed to establish an orphanage, which he governs for over 40 years. Thanks to Consortium’s biotechnology he remains in his full physical and intellectual capabilities, despite his advanced age.

92 years

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