Alliance of the United Worlds


Alliance of the United Worlds

The largest human organization unifying more than one hundred planets.
The Alliance believes to take its roots in the order before the Dispersion Era.

Main ideas proclaimed by the Alliance are equality and freedom of individuals. Democracy is recognized as one and only valid governing system.

The Alliance is being governed by the Alliance Council consisting of delegates from various planets and by the Alliance President who is selected in free elections once every 7 years. The individual planets possess their own governments.

Any planet that belongs to the Alliance is obliged to abide Charter of Rights containing general laws of the Alliance. All rules not written in the Charter lays in the responsibility of the local legislature.

The Alliance possesses an army consisting of the armies belonging to the allied planets. As a result the Alliance Army represents varying degrees of training and various equipement. In recent years the aspirations to standardize the equipment and degree of training are being made.

Owing to its size and style of organization the Alliance works somewhat sluggishly. Often internal conflicts occurs between the members.

A large number of people consider the Alliance corrupted to it’s very core and governed by bureaucrats on the payrolls of huge consortiums.

On the other hand many people adhere to the Alliance as the only organization that supports diversity and freedom – which (in their opinion) forms the basis of human power.

The Empire and people connected to the Empire judge the Alliance as a pathological organization repeating mistakes in following a harmful democratic attitude which they consider utopic. According to them the Alliance should be eliminated – for the sake of good and future development of mankind.

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